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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system introduced as open source software in 2009. Other than that, I haven't looked into the mechanics of bitcoin to see what it is in physical terms - in commitment terms it seems to be an increasingly widespread alternative currency that has its amount (with scarcity granting it value) protected by by cryptography.

What is Driftwurld?

A world shattered by apocalypse - shaken to it's foundations so other dimensions, alien dimensions, drift in and out of the world - bringing wonders and terrors, terrors and wonders. This is Driftwurld.

This faucet helps promote the browser game I am developing, called 'Driftwurld'. Part of it's goal is to include bitcoin earning within it - by playing the game you can develop more passive methods of earning bitcoins. Currently this faucet is the first stage of research and development for the browser game.

After the Apocalypse : Grass and trees grow over the ruins of cities. Sky scrapers lean against each other as flocks of birds fly to and fro from their windows. Civilisation has been shattered...

Magic : The dimensional ambiguities means magic returns to the world - the difference between a place full of fire and the place where you stand can be thined...meaning you can throw a firebolt from your hands.

Psionics : The elevated levels of dimensional activity activate many dormant psychics, who express strand powers of telepathy and mind control, as well as telekinesis and pyrokinesis!

Life is brutal and hard on Driftwurld - to the point the human race is on the verge of extinction. Just one more invasion from an alien world or one more plague or famine and only a few specks will remain, only to wink out in time for lacking any capacity to raise children at all.

However, with the return of magic and psionics, as well as the hidden technological marvels of a bygone era, perhaps these can be harnesed by individuals who have the strength to do so - and carve some new future for humanity on Drift earth.

The life of a villager in the wilderness is one of constantly being on the edge, leading to life long PTSD issues. Various monsters that can bite a man in half stalk the wilderness - the most common is the raptor, having either been drifted through time to return to the world, or having been drifted by chance in the past to another world and now returning from the increase in random drifts.

Villagers have to have escape paths - ropes on primative pullies in trees with a counterweight, so they can slash the holding rope and be quickly dragged up to the tree top out of range of deadly bites. Or they have tunnels with layers of wooden doors that lock behind them - which the beasts can smash through, but after a number of doors they get tired (usually) and look elsewhere for prey. And that's just second to second survival - food production or gathering is its own trial!

While many a fantasy has the character born into wealth (perhaps with some mild down side to make you feel bad for them), where would you end up in such a world? Most likely in some rural village where resources are desperate. To me, this seems pivotal to a setting. To others - others seem to reject a setting where they don't start out a small king and become a bigger king over time.

But to paraphrase Syndrome, when everyone's a king, no one will be.

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